Builder turns parking lots into mobile offices

Tue, 04/29/2008 - 4:49pm
By: The Citizen

What can be more boring than sitting in a parked vehicle between appointments? Yet, millions of contractors, salesmen and parents waste their time parked at job sites, parking lots and soccer fields.

Senoia custom home builder, Larry Singleton, spent most of his waking hours in his truck and refused to squander his valuable time. He went on the prowl looking for a desk to equip his mobile office but soon discovered that off-the-shelf solutions were very expensive, too flimsy or used center consoles for contorted work surfaces.

Seeing the design flaws, Singleton put his design and construction skills to good use by building a custom steering wheel desk sturdy enough to hold his laptop and large enough to hold building plans. When business associates and friends wanted their own mobile desks, Singleton teamed up with Fayetteville molding manufacturer Alex King to produce his invention and launched

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