Some seem to not know what a green house is.
We are not talking here about a house-house, but a warm closed in place where there is gas.
I haven't seen many of those lately, but when I was young I remember many houses had them outback.
I'm not sure what they now have to do with the planet heating up unless the number we used to have screwed up the weather forever!
I remember that they did stink of gas however, something like hydrogen sulfide. People ate a lot of eggs in those days---and chicken.
They went out of business when Sears-Roebuck quit mailing everyone a great big catalog. Some of those catalogs would last until the next year, they were so thick.
Money was scarce in those days and rolls of store-bought paper didn't sell.
Most business was done by "barter" (swapping), and they had no idea about heating up the earth.
Roosevelt brought in electricity, plumbing, phones, and jobs---and things changed.
From the looks of the orice of Rice and Bread today, we may have to farm again and swap things.Horses would also be cheaper than cars when gas hits $5 per gallon.
Think I'll start a buggy company soon.
Or Buggy whips. What you do is ride your buggy to Atlanta on Sunday night, barn the horse until you need him in Atlanta, then ride the buggy home on Friday night. There will be boarding houses on each end.
I don't know if this will help with the greenhouse effect.
Told you I would write something if noone did!

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