Flynn named first Executive in Residence

Wed, 04/23/2008 - 9:52am
By: The Citizen

Corporate executive William F. Flynn, a resident of Peachtree City, Ga., is the first Executive in Residence of the Clayton State University School of Business.

The Executive in Residence Program invites senior-level executives to bring industry into the classroom, providing a bridge between theory and practice. The executives work with faculty to provide an enriching learning environment for Clayton State’s undergraduate and graduate students through guest lectures, team teaching, presentations, mentoring students and cultivating new internships and career placement opportunities.

Flynn has a M.B.A. from the University of Miami, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and is former president and CEO of Wilstemar, Inc., and president and CEO of Marbil Properties. A long-time resident of Peachtree City, he served as finance manager for Harold Logsdon’s campaign for Mayor of Peachtree City. Flynn is also actively involved in raising money for a military-dependent children’s scholarship fund. This fund is currently providing college tuition assistance to 44 children who have lost a parent in the current war on terror.

Flynn will also step in as the new Chairman of the School of Business’ Advisory Board, replacing retired Dean Ernest “Bud” Miller.

According to Dr. Jacob Chacko, dean of the School of Business, Flynn “is a perfect fit” as the School’s first Executive in Residence and chair of the Advisory Board.

“Flynn has military, corporate, leadership, and fundraising experience. He has a passion to get involved with education, and he’s also passionate about first generation college students and supporting minorities,” said Chacko. “All these qualities can come together at Clayton State.”

The School’s Advisory Board is composed of 20 to 25 executive and community professionals whose primary roles will be as advisors to the business curriculum, marketing and fundraising.

“The role of the board will be to build a brand for the School of Business and help us market ourselves,” said Chacko. “This group has contacts with corporations that will help open doors to talk about on-site programming, non-credit executive training, and fundraising.”

“I plan to put together a group of people who are willing to work and be on committees to go about the business of the School ofBusiness as directed by Dr. Chacko,” said Flynn. “We need to be a resource for the community in terms of a place to go for specific business solutions. Community service is extremely important.”

Both roles as Executive in Residence and chairman of the Advisory Board fulfill Flynn’s goal to serve as a resource for his community.

“When I retired from full-time work and business, I wanted to teach serious students who want to be practitioners,” he said. “I owe my successes to mentors and leaders who took the time to explain points of leadership and management to me. These are the essential keys to business success. I want to be the person who can pass these ideas on. To help get someone from a middle management position to one of senior leadership or business ownership strengthens America’s future.”

A unit of the University System of Georgia, Clayton State University is a comprehensive metropolitan university located 15 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta.

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