Boy Scouts visit Fayette Fire Department

Wed, 04/23/2008 - 9:14am
By: The Citizen

Boy Scouts visit Fayette Fire Department

Boy Scout Troop 118 from the Brooks United Methodist Church recently toured the Fayette County Fire station in Brooks, Ga. The tour was part of an eight hour program to teach Boy Scouts skills necessary to attain the Fire Safety Merit Badge. The event was sponsored and facilitated by staff from Buzzly Fire Safety, a non-profit organization that partners with the Fayette County Fire Department to educate residents of the importance of knowing what to do in a fire emergency.

The Boy Scout Fire Safety Merit Badge focuses on the chemistry and physics of fire, the causes of house fires, arson and burn injuries. Requirements include developing and implementing home safety checks, fire drills, fire escape plans and safe meeting places. Demonstrating the correct techniques for building camp fires, fueling motorized equipment and the proper use of extinguishing fires are all required for completion of the Merit Badge.

Janylle Koren, Founder and Executive Director of Buzzly Fire Safety is very aware of the importance of fire safety education. As a child, she witnessed her younger brother burn in a fire accident. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 20 children die or are severely injured in fire-related incidents every day. Burn centers are filled with these young victims, most of whom did not know what to do in the fire emergency. Koren stated, “Every year fires cause untold, horrific human suffering and tragedy. To that we commit ourselves by educating children, enlightening families and increasing the awareness of communities to fire safety.”

George Cooper, Assistant Boy Scout Master from Troop 118 stated, “Our troop had a great day learning valuable skills. The fire fighters demonstrated their equipment in a way that everyone could understand and appreciate. Their patience in answering the Scouts’ questions and their positive attitudes are tributes to the entire Fayette County Fire Service. The smiles and admiration on the Scouts’ faces as they sprayed the water hoses are priceless.”

For more information about Buzzly Fire Safety or the Boy Scout Fire Safety Merit Badge, visit or call 678-817-1569.

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