Historic courthouse adaptation continues

Thu, 04/17/2008 - 3:03pm
By: The Citizen

The re-use and rehabilitation plan for the Coweta County Courthouse is moving right along. The selective demolition and non historic removal portion of the work is almost complete. Final evaluations of the building are underway and the exterior of the copper dome will be inspected with the use of a large crane beginning Tuesday, April 15. The crane will be parked on the south side of the square and will allow architects to inspect the structure from the outside at the highest points.

Pre-qualification for contractors for the work on the courthouse is open until May 21, with a mandatory pre-submittal meeting on May 7. After contractors have been designated as qualified for the work needed, a contractor will be selected based on competitive bids and time schedule. Construction is expected to begin in the summer and take about 12-18 months. The Coweta County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Coweta County Probate Court, the future occupants of the space, should be able to move in by early 2010.

The evaluation has shown that the building and the tower are in relatively good shape. Floor plans have been reviewed by the users and are near completion. The plans take full advantage of the historical aspects of the building. There are no major changes planned to the four main halls, nor to the courtroom or the grand jury room. A conservator will examine the paint and fixtures to determine, as close as possible, the original colors and styles.

The Citizens Courthouse Committee continues to be kept informed of the progress of the adaptive reuse project and will continue to be involved as the work progresses.

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