Small town and country folks

After considering what Barry said about those gun-totin, semi-religious, bitter folks, I have tried to figure out just who they be!
I assume he means those people who think the government doesn't do anything for them and gives it all to others. The guns are fer pertection from summin.
The semi-religious part must mean them what act religious by their talk but really aren't. They don't go much and don't tithe and hate most people.
Considerin all thet, I still don't know ifn those kind uf people might include me.
I know a lot uf people lak thet, I think, but nevr thunk uf them as republicans.
Although most of thjem do lak Chuck Heston, or did.
Now ifn Barry is dumb enough to think such stuff as he said out loud, and still wants to be a politician, then he is doomed. Many think it but you would nevr know it, unless they wuz talking to you, personal-like.
They also want to tell everone jest how to do religion and want their candidate to agree. Verbally, even if he don't!

You know Barry is poplar jest fer those reasons. He is a honest dude. Howsunever, he ain't no politician

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