What school teaches this stuff?

I'm talking about Law enforcement offices in the USA.
Today I happened to watch the Sheriff of one NC county call a news conference to announce (actually the FBI announced the arrest) the capture in Mexico of a man wanted by the FBI (ten most wanted list) who they intend to charge with the murder of a female Marine.
The FBI man announced first that due to the man being on the 10 most wanted list, he was discovered in Mexico walking along a road by the National Police. The man told them his real name and they checked the list and, BINGO.
That was all the FBI said.
Then the sheriff, his deputy, and several others took up the next fifteen minutes naming everyone in sight as responsible for catching this guy!
The same blather we hear here: "full" cooperation by everyone, day and night detecting by everyone, speeches by everyone, and actually saying nothing more in facts than the brief announcement by the FBI!
It is embarrassing to hear these officers hold these braggadocio sessions as if they were Televangelists begging for recognition.
Many officers are brave and smart and do single-handedly catch criminals. Those don't get much attention unless everyone gets full credit!
Anyone know why they ALL do this?

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