Confirmed at Christ Our Shepherd

Twenty-two eighth graders affirmed their baptism at Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday. They are from left to right, first row: Kristin Lynch, Derek Wolter, Matthew Fletcher, Pastor Miriam Beecher, Pastor John Weber, Rachel Frederick, Erika Barrett, and Kirstie Barkoot; second row, Chelsea Snook, Cara Nordin, Will Laaker, Sebastian Ferguson, Jacob Colton, Megan Sutliff, Sean Wright, and Jared Aarsvold; third row: Mrs. Ann Hersom, director of youth and family ministries, Caitlin Wallen, Jenna Hamlin, Anna Beard, Will Redwood, Sam Compagno, Ashley Dohany, Kyle Abraham, Bryan Kenny, and Pastoral Intern Pauline Pezzino. Photo/Special.

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