Tyrone planning-guthrie and J93.3

Fri, 03/28/2008 - 3:23pm
By: Ben Nelms

Tyrone planning-guthrie and J93.3

Tyrone Planning Commission Thursday paved the way for a recommendation that could lead to the construction of a commercial development at the intersection of Senoia Road and Rockwood Road. Proposed by Howard Guthrie for C-3 (Commercial) zoning over the current M-1 (Manufacturing), the 3.2-acre site at Shamrock Station would include a gas station, convenience store and a restaurant if approved by the town council.

The M-1 zoning district allows convenience stores/gas stations as a Special Exception, Town Manager Chris Venice told commissioners. The restaurant and other retail are not allowed, she said. The C-3 zoning district, however, allows all three proposed uses. Commercial zoning is in keeping with the future land use plan but would not be consistent with the existing pattern of development in the area, Venice said.

In total, the project would include a 10,432 square-foot building with 5,002 square feet of retail, a 2,430 square-foot restaurant and a 3,000 square-foot convenience store with three gas pump islands.

Some of the concerns by commissioners dealt with traffic at the intersection and whether the site would become a truck stop. Guthrie said his plans for the development included making improvements to the intersection and would be open to suggestions from the town. Guthrie also stated that truck traffic is already coming through the area and that the proposed facility would not be like the type of truck stop found along interstate highways.

The motion to recommend the request included the requirement that a portion of the right-of-way be dedicated to the town.

The vote on the request was 3-1, with Commissioner David Nebergall in opposition.

Also at the meeting, commissioners voted unanimously to recommend approval of a text amendment to the zoning ordinance that would allow a radio studio in the C-2 district. J93.3 owner Wayne Wilkins said he believed locating the studio in Tyrone would be a great asset to the station and to the community. The move from Peachtree City would bring more than a dozen jobs to Tyrone, Wilkins said.

The item had been discussed by commissioners at the March 13 work session. Responding to questions at that meeting, Wilkins said the facility should be more appropriately considered a studio, adding that the only equipment that would be stationed on the roof of the Legacy Theater building would be two or three small satellite dishes and a the accommodation for a digital link attached to a pole less than 20 feet in height. That equipment is only used as an emergency back-up, Wilkins said. The satellite dishes would be hidden from view by the eight-foot facade walls on top of the building. He said the pole could be positioned on the rear side of the building to keep it out of sight as much as possible.

Both proposals will be heard by the town council April 17.

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