Charles Wadsworth Concert set for Saturday

Thu, 03/27/2008 - 2:52pm
By: The Citizen

On March 29 at 7:30 p.m., world-renowned pianist Charles Wadsworth will host a spectacular concert celebrating the much-anticipated completion of the Charles Wadsworth Auditorium Restoration Project.

Since its original completion in 1939, Newnan's Art Deco style Municipal Auditorium has seen many years of constant use by the community. It has always been a place of special memories for local audiences. On its stage hometown folks appeared in plays, graduations. recitials, concerts, Junior League Follies, special ceremonies and much more. Some of those memories have been inscribed in the graffiti that can still be seen on the back stage brick walls and with a respect for history, will not be covered with paint.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the heritage of such an historic part of Newnan, the Auditorium Restoration Project was begun in 1993

Restoration of the auditorium itself has been completed and returned to its original Art Deco beauty. Refinished and reupholstered seats have also been re-installed. They now sit in the darkened and sleeping auditorium, soon to be released from their protective wrapping and occupied by a new audience. At the present time the stage area has been completely walled off to protect the auditorium from the work being completed on and behind the stage area. A new, high stage ceiling has already been finished. A completely new modernized steel rigging system is being made and will soon be installed. Following that, new stage curtains will be hung, and the lighting system will be installed.

Renamed The Charles Wadsworth Auditorium in 1998, the auditorium will be the site of the March 29 “A Preservation Celebration,” which will welcome back local son and internationally acclaimed pianist Charles Wadsworth.

Throughout the restoration committee’s spearheading efforts to restore and enhance the acoustically superior auditorium, Wadsworth and other artists have participated in annual concerts to raise funds for the project. He'll return to his hometown with a stunning presentation of musical artists. Patrons and sponsors of the event will also attend a special post-concert reception. All are invited to be in attendance at this historic reopening and this grand concert by Charles Wadsworth and Friends.

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