"Culture" or " Heritage"

Been trying to figure out what is really meant by people who use these two terms to describe why certain people or other entities use them.

For instance, if a corporate "culture" includes certain dress codes, loyalties, or honesty, and those things are lawful, then usually they are ok.

If a person's culture or heritage causes him to be excused for bad behaviour, then that is not ok.

Usually when we speak of culture or heritage we mean how things used to be when the actions of people were standard for the day. As time and generations pass, culture changes. We can not live in the past.

Of course some people were raised up under a system of ignorance, undisciplined actions, poverty, and mistreatment, and therefore also act the same towards their children.
Also, it appears that certain things can occur in churches, when not acceptable in everyday life, that is ok. This sort of thing tells the new generation that there are no rules for you, just be careful where you break them!
This system applies to all races, and not to just a few--what is said is just different.

If we can allow "culture" as a reason to violate rules and the law, then we must allow all races to do the same!
Cultures other than minorities also had some strange rules and laws many years ago--- about slavery, voting, trials,
chattel, and so forth!

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