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Tue, 03/25/2008 - 2:32pm
By: The Citizen

There are three World Gym locations in Fayette County and all have made names for themselves and won over the minds and bodies of thousands of local residents, but there is always room for one more.

Each gym is a full service health club offering a myriad of amenities focused on exceeding their member’s expectations. In addition to the treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, free weights and weight machines, each of the gyms also offers numerous classes on top of the “little extras” that make each member feel special. For instance, the Story Time Lady makes weekly visits to the children in the childcare room, free orientation classes on how to use the equipment are taught by certified personal trainers and the ladies only area in the Peachtree City facility offers free orientation classes as well. There are also fitness challenges throughout the year, such as the Cross Country Fitness Challenge in the fall, the Holiday Fitness Challenge and the mileage program in the spring and summer.

Right now, the local World Gym facilities are planning their summer programs geared towards children ages 10-16. They will be offering classes involving dance, nutritional education, step, kickboxing, cycling, yoga, pilates and strength training as well as sports conditioning classes to improve participant’s agility, speed and strength. Classes will be designed with summer vacations in mind. Some classes will run every day, Monday through Friday, and will last just one week. Other classes will last two weeks and meet three days a week. The Georgia Hwy 54 location will offer summer camps including the classes mentioned above, but will also include swimming, sand volleyball and racquetball. More details will be available on the web site, starting Apr. 15.

While World Gym is interested in the fitness of people of all ages, they also know that nutrition is an important part of health as well. Take a long look at the Nutrition Center and the “All About You” program under the direction of Patricia Woody, our Certified Nutrition Coach. Woody’s program is all about making you rethink the way you eat without dieting. Many people exercise, but don’t eat a well-balanced diet? Based on the three “Ps”, this program offers Positive Nutrition, Productive Exercise and Positive Motivation. Many gyms offer the means of exercise, but do not offer any assistance when it comes to educating one on the importance of balanced nutrition. Woody’s programs provide each client with one-on-one nutritional counseling as well as motivational insight to help them reach their goals. One does not have to be a World Gym member to take part in the “All About You” program designed for men, women and children. The schedule with Woody is flexible and stress free, its application is restaurant friendly and individuals get an education in reading food labels.

World Gym also concentrates on bringing stress relief to its members and guests through massage therapy and many types of classes like Pilates, Yoga and Group Centergy. Whether one is looking to have a therapist work on an aching back or to release tension buildup, this trained individual is able to bring relief to them. Non-members are welcome and gift certificates are available and make great gifts. The three types of classes just mentioned are also designed to build core strength which is vitally important to ones posture and back health and increase one’s overall body strength and flexibility. Whether you want to participate in a high intensity cycle or step class or go for a lower intensity class such as one mentioned above, World Gym has the right classes for you. Exercise is great medicine for the mind and body and it’s fun. If you put forth the effort, World Gym will provide you with the direction and know how in reaching all your fitness goals.

All three locations have very open floor plans in their pro shops allowing the shopper the ability to browse through racks of merchandise while still taking in the energetic atmosphere of the gyms. Each pro shop is stocked with merchandise particular to that location’s clientele and available amenities. For example, at the Hwy 54 location, there are two racquetball courts, a junior olympic sized heated lap pool and a jacuzzi that our other two locations do not have, so this pro shop is stocked with items such as racquetball racquets, gloves, goggles, balls and shoes as well as swim caps, swim goggles, ear plugs and kick boards. And because the Peachtree City and Fayetteville locations both have smoothie bars not available at the Hwy 54 location, the shopper will find a larger assortment of supplements offered within their pro shops. All three locations are stocked with various styles of workout attire that are comfortable and fashionable, yet affordable for their members and guests. Workout gloves, hats, tanning lotions and socks are just a few of the other common items one can find. Everyone is encouraged to stop in and shop as all of the pro shops are open to the public.

Exercise is vitally important and must be done daily in order for our bodies to stay fit, strong and healthy. Exercise should be made into a habit just like brushing your teeth and drinking your water. World Gym provides exercise in a fun and friendly manner with more choices than you will know what to do with…all leading to results for their members. World Gym offers approximately 155 group fitness classes per week between their three locations and over 25 different styles of classes including the popular pilates, yoga, belly dance and Group Groove for all those who love to dance salsa, latin-style and disco. World Gym also offers many other different types of classes centered on weight lifting, step, kickboxing, and cycling. They take tremendous pride in the large population of seniors who take part in our fibromyalgia and arthritis water classes as well as the popular SilverSneaker classes and Group Active group fitness classes. All of these offer workouts designed for the senior in mind as well as provides a wonderful social outlet for all participants.

You can view the group fitness class schedule located on the web site where you can find the exact times the classes are offered as well as a complete description of each.

Sometimes people are just not sure what a gym can offer or do for them, thus creating a fear to commit to a membership. To calm these uncertainties, World Gym offers short-term memberships allowing individuals the opportunity to try out all their services and amenities for a shorter time commitment. They have tremendous faith in their product and know that if they can get you in the doors and get you committed to exercising at least two days a week for three months, they’ll have you for years.

With spring here and love in the air, World Gym has also designed a short-term membership for the entire wedding party in mind. Their six-week and twelve-week memberships are packaged together with nutritional guidance to get everyone looking and feeling their very best on that very important day. Go to the web site under “Memberships” and “Nutrition” for further information. Another popular option is their discounted, short-term, one month, two month and three month student memberships. These memberships are available starting Apr. 1 at discounted fees and are available to those ages fourteen through twenty-four with proof of full-time student status.

If you are a person who is not presently involved in any type of exercise program, World Gym is here for you. What are you waiting for? Make a commitment to take better care of your health and fitness today, do it for you; do it for those you love! If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? There really is no better time than now to join. With just $1 to start, you can become a member for 12, 24 or 36 months with monthly dues ranging from $54 to $32 per month depending on which of our three locations you join. (Fees quoted apply to individual membership)

Visit and see a detailed listing of all our amenities and each facility’s hours of operation.

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