Go, go, go with BHO!

Go, go, go with BHO!

"I think you know the real reason Barack H. Obama doesn't want us to use his middle name.

I think his middle name is a matter of public record and not a state secret.

So why the game-playing?

Because, like any candidate seeking the presidency, Barack H. Obama wants to control the debate. He wants to set the rules of fair play. He wants to be able to cry foul when tough questions are asked. He wants to be able to dodge and bob and weave and deflect. He wants to create and maintain a carefully crafted image. And he doesn't, under any circumstances, want anyone to suggest that he is anything other than 100 percent American – no matter his lineage, no matter where he was raised, no matter how long he and his wife lived in this country without feeling a sense of pride about it.

That's what I think about Barack Hussein Obama. Whoops! Strike that middle name, please. Make that Barack H. Obama."

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