McIntosh Chiefs win state hockey championship

Fri, 03/21/2008 - 2:33pm
By: The Citizen

McIntosh’s hockey team took on Brookwood in the state championship game last Sunday and won 4-2. The Chiefs trailed the Broncos early but mounted their comeback starting halfway through the second period.

Ryan Routh scored twice for McIntosh, while Ty Taylor and Neilson Waters each scored one. Sam Sheikali posted a shutout in the final period to help preserve the win.

Members of the state championship-winning team are head coach Chris Routh, sophomore Ty Taylor, junior Ryan Routh, senior captian Cody Wheeler, senior Shamus Moran, sophomore DJ Rodriguez, sophomore David Hewson, junior Andrew Gifford, sophomore Neilson Waters, junior Steve Waugh and sophomore Sam Sheikali.

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