County studying stream basins

Thu, 03/20/2008 - 3:29pm
By: Ben Nelms

A Fairfax, Virginia company was approved by Coweta County Commission March 18 to conduct flood studies of the county’s stream basins at a cost of $329,000.

In a March 18 memo to the commission, county Development & Engineering Director Wayne Kennedy said the department had been budgeted for $400,000 for services under the Stormwater Program and recommended approval of the Dewberry & Davis proposal. Commissioners had authorized the work by Dewberry & Davis in February and agreed to approve the contract at the Tuesday meeting.

Kennedy said the department had negotiated a contract that would provide flood studies for drainage basins up to the 640-acre limit at a cost of $900 per stream mile for the first year and $945 per stream mile for the second year. Also included in the study agreement is a cost of $650 per stream mile for the area between the county’s 640-acre basin to the 100-acre basin in year one and $682.50 per stream mile in year two, Kennedy said.

A breakdown of the contract cost showed $180,400 for the basic service and $149,500 for the area between the 640-acre basin and the 100-acre basin.

Kennedy said additional work over the 640-acre basin is not required by Metro North Georgia Water Planning District, though it would be in the county’s interest to study those basins for flood protection rather than relying on private developers to provide the information.

Dewberry & Davis provides services such as water resources engineering, environmental sciences and engineering and land development services.

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