Flat Rock hoopsters help WWII veterans

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 3:20pm
By: The Citizen

Flat Rock Middle School's 7th and 8th grade girls and boys basketball teams have donated $400 to send World War II veteran James Yarbrough on the Honor Flight Fayette trip to Washington, D.C. scheduled for May 14th.

Flat Rock hoopsters help WWII veterans

Honor Flight Fayette, which is sending a host of WWII veterans on the trip, still needs to raise $15,000 to make the dream a reality. The free trip for the veterans includes meals, transportation (air and ground) and other goodies along with the visit to the WWII national monument.

Flat Rock’s basketball teams raised the money partially through gate receipts and since the girls' team went to the championship game the increased attendance brought in more funds. Also, snack sales at an after school spirit party before the championship game contributed to the profits.

Honor Flight Fayette is a non-profit organization, staffed only by volunteers, which was created solely to honor America's World War II veterans by flying them free of charge to Washington to see their Memorial.

Unfortunately, we are losing these men and women at the rate of 1,200 to 1,500 per day, so time is of the essence when we speak of showing them tangible evidence of our gratitude. Because some of this generation are in such poor health there will be a doctor and nurses touring along with them on the trip, and each veteran must be accompanied by a “guardian” who can assist them. The guardians must pay their own way, but the veterans will be taken free of charge.

There is already a waiting list of more than 35 veterans for the 2nd flight, which planners hope to schedule for September or October.

Honor Flight President Gail Sparrow and Vice President Mark Buckner feel that the citizens of our county are grateful and generous and that the funds will be raised.

For more about Honor Flight Fayette, or to sign up as a guardian or volunteer or make a donation, visit www.honorflightfayette.org or call 770-719-1024.

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