Pack your bags and go see ‘College Road Trip’

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 2:34pm
By: Kevin Thomas

Kids, stop studying for your CRCTs and go see “CRT.”

James Porter (Martin Lawrence) is a Chicago Police Chief, father of two children and an over-protective parent to his daughter, Melanie (Raven-Symoné.) James has planned all his life that Melanie will go off to Northwestern University because of its short distance from home and its safeness level. Other members of the family include his gentle, patient wife Nancy, brilliant son Trey and Trey’s chess-playing Houdini pet pig named Albert (Einstein, that is.) James thinks the pig is always eyeballing him, but no one else sees it happen.

James is not happy, however, when he finds out Melanie is getting an interview at her dream college, Georgetown, which is in Washington D.C. and nowhere near their house. When Melanie’s friends offer to drive her to the interview, she is overjoyed. Unfortunately, James has decided to drive Melanie to Georgetown himself.

From then on, many miscellaneous comedic situations occur. Melanie and James run into a crazy nonstop-singing father played by Donny Osmond who is visiting colleges with his daughter on a weird, musical bonding trip. Melanie also gets to show off her singing talent on a karaoke tour bus. You’ll love James’ mom. Is she an apron-wearing old fragile grandma or a salsa dancing hot mama?

This movie had an enormous amount of humor in it. None of the parts were slow and boring, and my mom and I couldn’t stop laughing! As for me, I wish I could get Albert Einstein the pig to help me study for the CRCTs.

Shockingly rated G for Ginormous Fun.


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