Rabbit society warns against furry Easter presents

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 2:11pm
By: The Citizen

Easter is the worst holiday of the year for rabbits. They are born and bred in large numbers to release to the public as cute, cuddly children’s pets. Pet stores, photographers, farm supply stores and Easter egg hunts use these creatures as seasonal promotional items to market, paying no attention to the consequences for the rabbit.

Each year they are sold and given away to people who have no idea how to care for them, and each year after the novelty wears off, they are dumped at shelters, neglected till they become sick and die and often let loose outside.

In 2007, the North Georgia House Rabbit Society (NGHRS) rescued 160 rabbits. It is their policy to rescue these bunnies from shelters and get them adopted into good homes. They get many calls from people who find rabbits abandoned outside, catch them and turn them in to be cared for. Abandoning a rabbit outside usually leads to death from starvation, predators, cars or disease.

NGHRS offers to work with photography studios by bringing the shelter rabbits in for Easter photos for a tax deductible donation to the shelter. They also take bunnies to Easter church events and community egg hunts for kids to pet. This gives the group the opportunity to show the rabbits who have a need for a home and to teach interested families about rabbit care.

If you are interested in having a rabbit as a pet, NGHRS ecourages you to do your research. Information on rabbit care and behavior can be found at their website, www.houserabbitga.org. Adoption counselors are also available to speak with at 678-526-8884 if you have questions.

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