Renovation series looking for homeowners

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 2:00pm
By: The Citizen

One of HGTV’s newest weekly series, “My Big Amazing Renovation,” is coming to the area to film big, amazing renovations. Each half-hour episode features some of the most incredible renovations throughout the country and the inspiring homeowners who roll up their sleeves and transform their current home into their dream home.

Series producers are currently looking for homeowners who are:

• Just starting a major renovation;

• Are doubling the size of their house;

• Are transforming the original space including the kitchen;

• Have several unique design projects planned for the renovation;

• Have a set budget and time frame for the completion of the renovation; and

• Are passionate about their renovation, and eager to share their experience with others

The series will premiere this fall and is produced for HGTV by High Noon Entertainment in Denver, Colo. You can learn more about High Noon Entertainment by visiting

Homeowners who would like to be considered for the program should contact Sara Adams at 303-712-3125 or email at

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