Charles Ponzi's scheme

There are three groups in the US currently involved in a Ponzi scheme.
The average citizen, the federal government (and some states), and the financial institutions, are "short-term," furnishing too many things on credit from current income.
Of course this causes each entities debt to compound to the point where they can not get any more credit, nor enough income to pay the interest.
It also scares the hell out of our creditors when their income doesn't meet their expenses; and likewise, citizens who no longer can even pay just the interest on their loans.

Our children and grandchildren will be expected to pay off this debt for us eventually---even though it could be as much as half of what they earn!

It is not likely that Japan, China and Saudi Arabia, among others, will ever "forgive" us of our debts! Nor, will the banks forgive you and me of ours unless the government pays them to do so!

I recently rented a car in one of our Northern states with too many people unemployed, or under-employed, and much of the rest on some kind of dole, or working at useless jobs.
In order for that state to pay most of it's bill, there were four different taxes per day, and one "fee," on the bill. The car cost was $150 and the taxes and fees and bloated gas prices were $100! Their roads were similar to what I think the old "cord" roads were like in the 1700s, logs side by side with a bump per log!
Also, I wanted to come home early by one day and asked the airline the cost to move my reservations to the second day.
Yes, that could be done for a triple ticket price, plus a $75 dollar switching fee. Even as standby!
This is not a Ponzi scheme but it indicates the means that business will now go to charge more than their advertised cost. Anyone knows that such expenses are not expended for an empty seat anyway! And if they are, then their advertising is false.
We are living in a scheming, lying, society--caused by poor business ethics, and forced upon the lowly workers performing the robbery.

There are hundreds of other examples of such business methods, and soon the only thing will save us from another major depression, is to stop such actions as soon as possible.

No, the sky isn't falling yet, but the girders that hold it up have cracks in them!

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