Grace Caldwell’s Blame Game

It is very disheartening to have someone as immature as Grace Caldwell representing Tyrone citizens. At the last Council meeting one of the Town Attorney’s, Dennis Davenport informed the Council about an advertising issue with the proposed charter changes. Kudos to Mr. Davenport for bring this up in an open meeting, explaining what the problem was, and having a plan to correct it. Then Grace Caldwell starts her “Blame Game” accusing Representative Fludd of blocking the local legislation because he did not like the Tyrone Council opposing district voting. Representative Fludd did not block the local legislation, there simply was a problem with the advertising and this was determined not by Representative Fludd but by legislative council (that is the group of attorneys that advise the state legislators if something is legal or not). Representative Fludd was simply the messenger on this issue. If he had wanted to block this local legislation he could have simply not contacted Mr. Davenport in time to correct the problem. It is very sad that someone as old as Grace Caldwell hasn’t learned that mistakes do happen but instead must blame someone else for anything that does not go her way. Grace Caldwell said that Representative Fludd did not represent her, well, I want someone on Council that acts like an adult representing me and I don’t seem to have that.

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