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I did a post to you above, just want to make sure you get it.

HI am sorry, after I posted
Submitted by BPR on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 8:11am.
I am sorry, after I posted to you I realized that you were talking about a different situation.

You can read back at the situation I was talking about- it's about Obama church and Larry Elders, I had alot of comments coming at once, without looking closely like I should have - yours happen to be in above there and before thinking and looking I responded thinking your were talking to me- I saw yours which I though was about what the people on my links made their own statements about. I thought you were talking to me about the links.

I disagree about a different situation.

I happen to agree with everything you said above in your statement to me. Again I should have read more closely.

I was talking about a situation I had links to, the ones I had links to were making statements to which speak for them. If you read back- I had alot of people talking to me or at me. I had 3 at one time.

I have alot of questions for the ones I had links to myself and others don't get the answers from them. The ones I have links happen to think what they say is true- which myself and others disagree. We just want answers.

I have been praying about the situation you are talking about- I agree with you- believe me I am a mess up- you see what I did about the mix up - I need the Lord. I do pray for my faults daily thank the Lord he forgives me. The entire situation you are talking about is sad- believe me when I say I extend mercy when someone makes a mistake- God extends mercy to me and I do the same because I am thankful that the Lord extend mercy to me. Thank you advance for your understanding.

I want you to know your situation- it's sad- with everyone involved.

I want you to know I am sorry that I offended you- I know what the bible says about making peace. I have asked the Lord for forgiveness about the mix up.

Have a nice day.

Once again I am sorry for the mix up- I hope you accept my apology.

We Will Stand

ve a nice day.

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