County’s revenues show an increase

Thu, 03/06/2008 - 3:51pm
By: Ben Nelms

It was a quick, painless fix to the 2007 Coweta County budget approved by commissioners March 4.

Addressing the call for a budget amendment, Assistant Finance Director Kelly Mickle in a Feb. 28 memo said actual revenues in the $52.22 million budget were approximately $5 million greater than the original budget and $3 million greater than the amended budget. Actual expenditures, she said, were approximately $900,000 less than the original budget and $3 million less than the amended budget.

Total budgeted revenues prior to the amendment were $52.222 million while actual revenues totaled $57.458 million. On the expenditure side, actuals for the $52.222 million budget came in at $51.325 million, a difference at $897,000.

Actual revenues exceeded the budgeted amount in every budget category such as fines, forfeitures and court fees up by approximately $967,000, sales taxes up by $812,971 and property taxes up by approximately $639,000.

Looking at expenditures in the various budget categories, general government came in under budget by approximately $1.453 million, with public works at approximately $674,000 under and housing and development at approximately $312,000 under budget. Departments coming in with actuals exceeding budget included judicial at $195,000, public safety at $891,000 and culture and recreation at approximately $367,000 over budget.

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