Vicious Dog

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I need help finding a woman who walks the trails with a springer spaniel. Her dog and my dog have each been attacked and bitten by the same dog. She speaks with a South African accent. If you know who this woman is, please contact me at

If there is anyone else who has had an encounter with this dog, I’d like to hear from you, too. Both my incidents have happened on the east side of town (Robinson Road/ Wingate/MacIntosh Trail area) The man speaks with a French accent, the dog has been running unleashed beside the golf cart. The dog is a large Akita/ Shepherd mix, black fur with a little brown mixed in and his name is Ninja.

After the first attack, animal control legally deemed the dog vicious. As such, it is not supposed to leave the house unless leashed and muzzled. Unfortunately, after this, the dog still bit the South African lady’s spaniel and in a second incident, unleashed, charged me and my dog.

I am concerned that the attacking dog’s owner has just changed his route and others are now in danger. After his dog attacks, the owner feigns shock. He’ll tell you how he usually has perfect voice control over the dog, how friendly his dog is playing with all the neighborhood children and he can’t imagine what’s gotten into him. Trust me, he is playing you in hopes you won’t report him and find out the truth.

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