Lawn maintenance companies, trucking companies (not sure about the individual truckers), UPS, and I would suppose other delivery companies, and any number of other service companies, are now adding a surcharge onto your bill for the increased price of gasoline. Airlines I think are also included.

I have no idea whether they can cover this charge out of profits, or to meet competition until they can change their base price for their service to reflect their added costs for fuel.

There is something about this process that feels odd to me. It reminds me of the local government saying with an ad in the paper that they have cut the mil rate by X% for next year, and neglecting to say that the property tax on your home has increased due to it's added worth over last year---but I didn't sell it to see if that were so!

It is also somewhat like the recent EMS service increases in Fayette County---not a tax increase but a "surcharge"---as such! Bull.

In my opinion, the federal government when it quotes inflation figures, also does not count the surcharges.

If you want to charge me more than before, just do it. If I can't find a better price, I'll buy yours!

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