Get back to the basics of healthy eating

Tue, 02/26/2008 - 3:10pm
By: The Citizen

Kimberly Steinberg a native of Peachtree City is the author of the book “Back to the Basics of Healthy Eating.” Both of her children have been diagnosed with disabilities. They have sought help for their children in many different ways, one of them being Brain Balance Therapy. This is a program that integrates physical and cognitive exercises along with dietary changes.

Her husband is a Type II diabetic and she a Type I Insulin-dependent diabetic, although so far their children have not been diagnosed the same.

The Brain Balance Program emphasizes healthy eating, and because of her passion for cooking she decided to start formulating healthy recipes that could be used in a cookbook. After implementing these recipes into her family meals, they have seen a tremendous difference in their health, weight and blood pressure as well as in the behavior of her special-needs children. She believes families with or without special needs children can experience benefits from healthy eating.

What is the key to “Healthy Eating” success? Whole foods. These foods have had nothing added or anything taken away. They have been organically grown, not subjected to pesticides or other chemicals and not overloaded with fillers, additives, colorings or flavorings. Whole foods are not refined, nor do they need to be enriched. All their valuable minerals, vitamins and nutrients remain. As a bonus, our bodies use the nutrients to properly support our immune systems.

Typical cookbooks call for ingredients that are not diet-friendly, especially if you are not permitted eggs, milk, peanuts (or any nuts), soy, wheat and sugar. And another feature of this cookbook is that you can substitute ingredients. Some key things to stay away from are trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated fats), additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, pesticides, dyes, high fructose and corn syrup. Otherwise, you can vary the ingredients as needed.

Her cookbook is devoted to vegan recipes, egg-free, milk-free, nut-free, wheat-free and sugar-free. She hopes her cookbook will be an inspiration to a healthy lifestyle.
All the recipes have passed taste testing by her family. You will learn that healthy food can taste amazing. In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch your foods a long time ago! Your entire family will feel better, as your body gets whole foods that have not been stripped of vitamins and minerals. Body weights will normalize.

Let’s change the way we eat, one healthy family at a time!

Kimberly Steinberg will be available to sign books at Fayette Chiropractic Center on Feb. 29 during their Health & Beauty Days. You can contact her by email, or by calling 404-788-6936 for information regarding these places, dates and how to purchase her cookbook.

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