State of the Art Outhouses

There’s no end to government waste and stupidity. Clayton County couldn’t get its Board of Education to meet school accreditation while on 5 years probation, and graduates won’t qualify for college. Now the City of Atlanta has purchased 5 technologically advanced public toilets for the bargain basement price of $1.5 million for the homeless. These stainless steel outhouses are self-cleaning with automatic toilet paper dispensers. Mayor Shirley Franklin says every citizen deserves a clean sanitized restroom. The outhouses play sweet music and will be placed in public parks. For a million five they could have built a 20,000 sq. ft., 700 bed shelter with central heat/air, showers and kitchen facilities. This is government promotion and advancement of laziness. I’ll bet the homeless will still crap on the streets anyway. And the next news you’ll hear is someone was murdered in the PP (public Potty). No pun intended.

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