H.L. Mencken

Somebody mentioned this dude as a self reliant person to mimic!
Mencken was an heir to a fortune left him by his German Cigar making Dad. He went to private school a little while and learned to write, never attended college.
He got hired to write for a Baltimore Newspaper because he didn't need any money, and they paid very little.
By his own word, he was a racist and against marriage. He did marry a young southern girl for a short-time and she died. Strange--because he said many times that southerners were all boobs.
He was an elitist. He said a few of other races (other than White) had a "few" among them who could be of some help, but for the most part could never lead properly. He said he never met a black woman who had any sense--or words worse than that.
His Baltimore Elite "Club" lost their only Jew, and Mencken said he knew of not one other in Baltimore who was fit.
He thought democracy lowered the level of progress, and that only the elite should be in power.
He was in alliance with the literary group who abandoned America during WW1 for Europe. He was against WW1. Of course he never served.
I have no use for this man's ideas.
He was a Fascist.

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