A Rat Hound

Such a dog (a Beagle Hound) won the top dog show this week.
Other than the mistreatment of racing horses, trotters, etc., I think maybe dogs are next in line. Dogs don't enjoy being washed, scrubbed, combed, brushed, have their ears pulled, and trotted around in noisy places in cages!
A show dog has no mind of his own, if he did he would have been disposed of long ago. The treatment of racing Greyhounds is pitiful!
Of course we could list the torture that fighting dogs also go through, but most of that treatment is simply ignored by most of us.
I will never understand the logic of show dogs or horses. Working dogs (farm sheep, cattle, etc.,are valuable and wonderful animals, and very happy in my opinion.
Horses however, due to their lack of resilience in their legs, get the worst treatment. People shoot them up, break their tails, put them in harnesses, run them on broken bones, and haul them around in stinky, fumey, trailers over bumps,and hill and dale---all for their bragging pleasure only.
Some are made to pull all the feathers they CAN pull on a sled, and then some idiot puts one more feather on the sled to see what happens!
Many horses and cats and dogs are terribly mis-treated by children. Dogs aren't walked and they die of kidney disease.
Parents aren't experts in the treatment of animals and let happen what happens!
It is almost as bad as the Atlanta and vicinity school systems and the treatment of children!

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