Who would you rather watch on TV: the Catholic lady who preaches to a bunch of unsmiling Nuns, or Creflo Dollar; Paul Crouch; Richard Roberts; Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin; Joyce Meyers; the blond from Florida; the little Indian from Texas--or his wife; the dude in the crystal cathedral; Bishop Long; the sweaty one who writes books about women; or, those Jews who have also converted to Christians?

My favorite is "The Gravedigger" from Atlanta. The former bum who lived in boxes! (He may again, I don't know)
Elmer Gantry used to be my favorite until that Sister came along in tents in the 20-30s. (or was that a movie?).
The one thing I do like about most of them though is that they really do consider "Church" as wherever they are at the time---not in some building.

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