Wrestler Benoit’s wife confided to friend: ‘If I die, he did it’

Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:35pm
By: John Munford

In the days leading up to her death, Nancy Benoit told her best friend that she was afraid something bad was going to happen to her.

In the same phone conversation with Pam Clark of Tennessee on June 18, Nancy Benoit told her friend that “she kept a record of everything Chris had ever done to her,” which may have been kept in a safety deposit box.

“Clark stated Nancy made her promise that if anything happened to her she would make sure that Chris was investigated,” according to the narrative compiled by the lead detective in the case.

One week later, Fayette County sheriff’s deputies discovered the bodies of Nancy, her pro wrestler husband Chris and their son Daniel, who had died in the family’s home.

Tuesday detectives announced the investigation has been closed, determining that Chris Benoit killed Nancy and Daniel before taking his own life.

Details of the couple’s rocky relationship are revealed in a detailed investigative report compiled by sheriff’s Det. Ethon Harper.

Clark said she thought Nancy Benoit may have been planning to leave her pro wrestler husband Chris and go live with her family in Florida, her best friend told Fayette County Sheriff’s Detectives.

Nancy Benoit also told her best friend how she “was also concerned that Chris may be having an affair with one of the Divas in the WWE” and she was upset that Chris “had been getting phone calls and would go outside to talk” and then avoid questions about the conversations.

According to persons interviewed during the investigations, there were several occasions where one of the Benoits chose to stay in a hotel after marital spats. A neighbor of the Benoits, Nancy Schrepfer, told detectives that she befriended Nancy Benoit shortly after the family moved into their home, as she was walking along the road after an argument with Chris Benoit.

“Schrepfer stated Nancy Benoit told her she was afraid to go home after Chris slammed her against the wall,” the investigator’s report states.

The neighbor also reported that Nancy Benoit told her about finding a stash of steroids in the home and disposing of it, which “created a serious problem between Nancy and Chris.”

Schrepfer also told detectives that Nancy Benoit abused alcohol and prescription drugs “to help cope with her relationship with Chris and the demands of his career.”

“Schrepfer advised that Nancy confided in her and told her how concerned she was over ‘bee stinging’ and how agitated he had become,” the report stated. “Schrepfer stated that when Nancy used the term ‘bee stinging’ she physically acted like she was giving herself a shot in the butt. The comment is believed to be in reference to injecting growth hormones or steroids.”

Both types of drugs were found in the home, along with three prescription bottles for Nancy Benoit of the narcotic hydrocodone (Lorcet) for a total of 360 pills that were filled in a three-week period; each bottle indicated they had been prescribed by the family’s physician, Dr. Phil Astin of Carrollton.

Nancy Benoit’s sister, Sandra Toffoloni, also said that she knew Nancy had taken and hidden several types of drugs from Chris in the past, and Nancy called it Chris’s “stash,” the investigative report stated.

“Sandra said Nancy told her that would piss Chris off to no end,” the report said.

Toffoloni also told detectives that Nancy Benoit “had commented on Chris not being able to perform in the bedroom,” the report stated. Such is considered a side effect of steroid abusers, according to medical research.

Several witnesses also reported that Nancy Benoit was upset at her husband over his maintaining an insurance policy for his two older children from another marriage with his ex-wife listed as the beneficiary. They said Nancy Benoit considered such an insult and wanted the policy changed to list her as a beneficiary.

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