Our worst current problem?

So many, it is hard to pick one.
Our faucet taps may be sucking and blowing sand next spring, our hot water heaters blowing steam, us stinking, due to lack of shower water, restaurant water costing as much as the meal, a tax at the border on incoming bottled water to build more dams and wells, or maybe something else!
China and The Arab Sheiks suddenly demand our loans back, in cash or gold, we try to give them stocks and bonds but they won't take them!
The skirmish we have been having for seven years turns nasty. We need about a million more soldiers and we don't
have them---few want to go! We drop a BUNCH of bombs and send in the tanks, but they run out of fuel! NATO pulls back to the Hungarian border.
We lob one hundred atomic bombs from subs and ships and on rockets toward the hot spots---making them hotter--but in a different way. We have to leave those places, leaving chaos and infernos gaining ground.
(Ah, maybe this one is not that bad, yet)
China and Indonesia cut off shipments to the US. We are suddenly out of 90% of our goods. FEMA put in charge of cranking up our farms again on every acre free, and starting up all of our factories again. They are meeting in Miami.
People will be asked once again to leave their desk, monitor, and keys and pick up a pitchfork and plow. The lucky ones will get good factory jobs--looked after by OSHA and the EPA.
All healthy people will be called up for training to serve as policemen and women
throughout the country--- their food and shelter will be free, but no salaries.

But, maybe-----none of the jokers now running for president will win, and all congressmen and women who currently hold office will either resign or be thrown out.

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