Anybody know the plan?

What have the PTB decoded is the best way to inform us how they will replace a senior member of the city staff, the police chief?
I mean really how!
Is the decision made and all that MUST now be done is to waste some money advertising and let professionals pick the new chief of police, or just hire one they like as soon as due diligence is done (undue, really)?
Is this sort of hiring done like Civil Service---that is---the candidate must have been something in some police department and understands how he must treat the elected officials, and will his seniority be based upon all the years he has been a cop anywhere for pension purposes...oh, and all that other BS---or will he be maybe an assistant FBI agent-in-Charge, who cares less who the Mayor is, and just wants to be a policeman.
Maybe even hire an instructor at the FBI academy who is leaving there to live here?
No, I'm afraid they will be a guy from, say Savannah. who is listed in the available cop book, for hire, and has put no officials in jail before.

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