Tue, 01/03/2006 - 4:39pm
By: The Citizen

To all those who support or don’t care about illegal immigration: Why do you have a fence around your yard and locks on your doors?

What the heck happened to the traditional Wings and Things sauce they put on the wings? Went in a week or so ago and thought I got some bad wings, asked about it and was told they changed the sauce, buying it out from someone instead of making their own. Come on, Wings, stick with our traditional Wings and Things stuff that got you where you are now or risk losing lots of good customers. The new stuff is runny, full of vinegar, and nothing like the old traditional wings. We love your place, but that new stuff is not the traditional wings sauce that brought us in here. Don’t go for the cheaper stuff for value.

It looks like Fayetteville has lost the chance to have another good restaurant. Why, you ask? A certain law firm was fearful of losing parking spaces, even though the whole county office parking lot is just across the street.

Hey, Delta pilots, please strike so you can cut your nose off to spite your face. I would love to see how long your trophy wives stick around. I would love to see the arrogant, and haughty “Delta Pilots Wives Club” disbanded. But most of all, I would love to see you suffer the same fate all the non-union people have suffered.
Delta pilots have abused sick leave over so many years that it is time they gave back to the company, for sure. Besides, if the pilot runs out of sick leave, he can pick up a trip on his time off to make up the time. A pilot makes in one trip what most other employees at Delta will make in a month. If the public would read the contract of the Delta pilots, current and past, they would not believe what they read and would also see why some of the carriers have now lost so much money. I have retired from Delta after 40 years of service and some of the things the pilots have done that cost the company millions is unbelievable. The last thought is: I suppose it is hard to live on $100,000 a year or more plus benefits.

How did we get so many homes built in PTC that are now flood plains? It is in so many places that we apparently need to spend millions forever to build and maintain new storm drains. This goes along with hundreds of homes built here with “trash” holes in the yards, that have now rotted and left sinkholes, and home door areas that have rotted out and been termite-eaten due to improper front or rear door protection from the elements when built. The owners have borne this burden over the years and of course will have to pay for the storm drains. No wonder developers have such bad names, we let them do these things and then say well, if it had been done right you couldn’t have afforded the house. Yeah, right. This is the same brilliance that got us into a few recent wars.

Someone in our [Fayetteville] government needs to take a stand and do something about the eyesore at Jordan’s Salvage. That entire dumping ground is a disgrace to this city. How much longer do we have to look at this infestation?

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