Peachtree City Veterans Brick Deadline

Peachtree City VFW Post 9949 announces that March 31 is the cutoff date for Veterans Brick orders for bricks to be in place for the 2008 Memorial Day Ceremony. Orders received after March 31 will be accumulated and processed in April 2009 so that they will be installed just before the 2009 Memorial Day Ceremony.

The bricks are white marble approximately 4" x 8" x 2" and are placed at the Peachtree City Veterans Memorial under the flagpoles in front of the Peachtree City Hall/Library complex. Bricks may be placed for all Veterans whether living or deceased and for all those currently serving in the US Military regardless of where the honoree lives. Bricks of family members are placed adjacent if there are two and are contiguous for larger groupings. A family in Coweta County currently has 11 bricks in their grouping.

If you would like more information about the Peachtree City Veterans Memorial and the Veterans Brick project go to There you can download a current Brick application: you may also obtain an application at the Peachtree City Library or by contacting the VFW Quartermaster at 770-631-1439 or The cost remains $30.00 and allows three lines of information limited to 17 letters and spaces. A typical brick has the name on line 1, the rank and branch of service on line 2 and the dates of service on line 3. You are free to vary the info on lines 2 & 3 if you have other info you want displayed.

On the web site there is an accessible database that permits you to search all the bricks currently in place. The data is sorted alphabetically by Surname, followed by the inscribed name of the honoree. Other information includes the exact location of each brick and an identifier that allows the Quartermaster to view the original brick order. Currently there are 769 bricks in place honoring 761 Veterans or current members of the Military.

The Brick application was modified just after Memorial Day 2007 to ask if the honoree is deceased. If you have an old application please supply this info. After several failed tries the Quartermaster has a method to display a small US flag on the brick. As a corollary to the practice of displaying a US flag on the graves of deceased Vets, the QM placed a 4" x 6" US flag on the bricks of honorees who served in WWI or earlier and any others whom he knew were deceased. If you would like this service for a deceased honoree pleas contact the QM so I can add to my list to decorate.

Bob Konrad, Quartermaster
Peachtree City VFW Post 9949
WWII US Navy Veteran

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