Calling it early

Well, it is over. With Giuliana and Edwards stopping their run where it is, it is obviously going to be a run between Clinton and McCain for President of the USA. And as FOX likes to say, "Commander-in-Chief."
Edwards has a few primary votes for the convention and could, but not likely, transfer them to either Clinton or Obama in a tight decision, which I doubt will occur.
I don't know what Huckabee and Paul hope to gain by continuing their ridiculous campaigns.
Now lets discuss Romney and Obama a minute.
Romney will not win super Tuesday---too many states that like his spoken conservatism, but no longer can believe him due to flip-flopping everything in recent months.
McCain will win by default even though the republicans don't want him, he is the best they can do, and I'm glad of that.
Can't see Obama carrying Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, northeast (any state), and some others are questionable. He is done.
So McCain and Clinton.
I choose McCain.

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