Redesigned Georgia Forms for 2007 Tax Filing Year

Wed, 01/30/2008 - 4:39pm
By: The Citizen

ATLANTA—Georgia taxpayers will notice a change in the appearance of several forms when they complete their 2007 individual income tax return. The forms have changed in appearance only. There is no change in the requested information or how the forms are to be filled out.

The 2007 Individual Income Tax Forms and General Instructions booklets are being mailed late this year due to delays in the passage of federal legislation affecting the Alternative Minimum Tax. The Department plans to begin mailing booklets in early February to those taxpayers who submitted a paper return last year. Booklets and forms will also be available at the Department’s regional offices simultaneous with the mailing of the booklets.

The tax booklet (Form IT-511) is currently available for printing from the Department’s website at using the link for forms. Other forms that a taxpayer may need to file their 2007 tax return can also be downloaded from the Department’s website.

The redesigned forms are compatible with the Department’s new scanning equipment, which processes returns more efficiently and in a more timely fashion. This means taxpayers, who submit an error free return, should receive their refund sooner. However, the fastest way to receive a refund is to file returns electronically online.

Last year more than 2.4 million Georgia taxpayers filed an electronic return. It is more accurate and refunds electronically deposited into a banking account should be received within 14 business days. Depending on when it is mailed, refunds generated from a paper return can take up to 10 weeks.

The new forms are also incorporated in most commercial software products that can be purchased and used to complete 2007 Georgia individual income tax returns.

Free electronic filing is available for qualified taxpayers. To determine if you are eligible, review the information posted on the Department’s website.

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