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Tue, 01/29/2008 - 3:15pm
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There is a new “man in town” and he comes in the form of 23 homeowners associations and communities that make up the newly founded Peachtree City Civic Association. In case you haven’t heard of this new group, they have become a strong voice in city matters over the past year and they want YOU.

The Peachtree City Civic Association (PTCCA) was formed in January of 2007 as a citizens advocacy group determined to provide the necessary liaison between city government and the citizens of PTC. In other words it was formed to hold the city government accountable to the people they represent, and to facilitate the maintenance of our quality of life.

PTCCA Top 10 Accomplishments of 2007:

• Development of mission statement and bylaws.

• Expanded membership to include one-third of all communities in PTC.

• Developed position paper on TDK Boulevard Extension, and instrumental in stopping it.

• Developed position paper on view of big boxes in PTC.

• Developed position paper on view of the West Village annexation.

• Worked to help prevent Lowe’s off of Rockaway and Ga. Highway 74 South.

• Organized first PTCCA sponsored City Council Candidates Forum for 2007 council election.

• Facilitated good communication of citizen views of GoodWill at the Peachtree Crossing shopping center.

• Instrumental in the prevention of the Robinson Road rezoning from ER.

• Had representation at all council and planning commission meetings in 2007, and communicated current issues with its members at monthly meetings of the association.

This list above does not include the countless other meetings that took place between members and city officials, developers, and city government, the compilation of surveys that were conducted between members to convey public opinion accurately, emails, phone calls, etc., all done with the purpose of doing right by this community.

Despite all of this effort, there are some that believe the PTCCA is an anti-development group. It is not. It is a group whose purpose is to keep Peachtree City a wonderful place to live.

Its accomplishments over the last year reflect the view and opinion of a majority of the citizens it represents. If its members are against something, the association conveys that to city officials; it is the association’s job to reflect the opinion of its members.

PTCCA is for responsible development that adheres to the city’s comprehensive and land use plans, and for the preservation of our citizens’ quality of life.

PTCCA has done so much over the past year, and is looking forward to an even more productive second year. However, its influence and strength can only be measured by the quality and quantity of it members. If your community is not yet affiliated with PTCCA, please consider joining this group.

Included in the association’s goals for 2008 is to increase membership to include at least two-thirds of all communities in town, and to work with city officials in the revision of our comprehensive and land use plan to protect our city’s vision.

Please get your neighborhood more involved in our community and its future.

Check out our website at or email to and be part of the solution. Join today.

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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