Our Brooklyn and Cuban state

Is having its vote today on who they want for President but only for the republicans.
Of course Hillary will win for the democrats, I think she was the only one who got into it for some reason. I think Obama thought that the Brooklynese and the Cubanese weren't going to vote for him no how! Nor the Puerto Ricanese. Tourists and snow-birds can't vote.
Now Georgia may be another situation!
Hillary is a hated entity, Edwards gets $400 hair-cuts, so Obama is in.
On the other side, Guiliani: are you kidding me? (he uses salsa from NY). McCain---bucked the republicans twice, he is out there. Romney--no Salt Lake voters here. Huckleberry in in. Paul will be second or third with his dumb sales tax!
Then folks we get right down to reality on super Tuesday.
Your choices are: Clinton and McCain if they live that long.
VP candidates will decide the race--providing Bill Clinton agrees to live in New York and make money!

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