Infinity Elite sending two teams to USASF Cheerleading Worlds competition in April

Tue, 01/29/2008 - 1:22pm
By: The Citizen

Infinity Elite going to Worlds

The Infinity Elite Titans Junior Coed Advanced and the Senior Level 5 teams led by Coach Myke Johnson were awarded World bids by JamFest Cheer Super Nationals.

These bids are invitations to attend the prestigious USASF 2008 Cheerleading Worlds Competition in Orlando, Fla. Apr. 25-28, where they will compete against teams from the United States, China, Australia, Scotland, Brazil to name a few.

To Infinity Elite owner Vivian Autry, their attendance culminates a year of intense work for their athletes.

“Our athletes work consistently in hopes of attaining this goal. To say that we are honored, is an understatement. This isn’t just another competition to us,” saidAutry. “Our athletes represent our city, our state and our country. Their hard work just became even harder. The demands of this undertaking are remarkable.”

All Star Director Myke Johnson agreed adding “with each successive attendance to Worlds, the bar is raised. Our competition is more determined to leave their mark. Our Silver medal win last year won’t be enough for our teams this year which is why the preparations our athletes begin are just as much mental as they are physical.”

To the athletes and families, the experience of attending Worlds is exhausting but memorable with many of the cheerleaders reminiscing of sharing photos and exchanging t-shirts with competitors. One of the parents added, “They may not speak the same language, but they have an appreciation of the journey that they take to get to the same destination”.

The Infinity Titans teams are actively seeking corporate sponsorships in an effort to defray the cost of attendance. Please visit for sponsorship information.

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