Gallopade receives recognition from the 2007 National Best Books Awards

Wed, 01/23/2008 - 10:38am
By: The Citizen

Gallopade International received a national nod from the USA Best Book Awards for its Summer 2007 publication, “The First Woman President of the United States” by national best-selling children’s book author Carole Marsh. The book, which offers a candid and informative glimpse into a possible female presidency, was an award-winning finalist in the category of children’s education for the 2007 National Best Book Awards.

With the upcoming 2008 Presidential election a year away and the possibility of Senator Hilary Clinton being a contender for the presidency, Gallopade International President Michele Yother believes the book release is right on time. “It’s important for children to understand what is going on in their world, but it must be presented in a format that is easy for them to comprehend so they can begin to form their own opinions and beliefs,” Yother says.

“The First Woman President of the United States” encourages young readers to examine their own views on gender and race, while breaking down hard-to-understand political verbiage such as the definition of the executive, legislative and judicial branches along with the process of the Electoral College. By posing gender-based questions dealing with the job responsibilities of the president, young readers become engaged in a dialogue that helps children understand sexism and gender bias.

Although the book tackles complicated issues such as political parties and voter registration, it also answers simple questions such as: What does the president’s job entail? Have other countries had female presidents or leaders? What qualifications are needed to run for President of the United States?

“The political climate in this country is changing every day,” says author Carole Marsh. “People are learning from experience that they want leaders who are smart, honest, hard-working and representatives of themselves. This could certainly include a woman – and soon.”

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