Young Americans have spoken: They’re seeking candidates of hope, optimism

Tue, 01/08/2008 - 4:46pm
By: Letters to the ...

The young adults of America have spoken loud and clear about their desire for political change because they want a future.

Republican polling groups have found that this is the first young adult generation who feels their children will not have a better life than they have had — they see their future as very bleak.

We Americans pride ourselves in setting the stage for future generations to excel just as our grandparents and parents of the WWII generation and those before them.

Where have we gone wrong – what set the stage for such decision-making?

I propose that it is really all boiled down to this – America has conducted itself as dysfunctional divorced parents. Our two parties have clearly divided themselves so much that they have not been able to work for the higher good, a functional growing nation.

Our young adults do not feel the wisdom that is needed from a two-party system. They don’t “get it,” much less want it.

The sad thing is that our leaders rarely show that when all is said and done they will put differences aside and do what is best for the nation. Instead, they are too busy trying to prove they are “right” and are forgetting that when one steps into an elected office no matter their party affiliation they must represent all of their local community and nation.

Folks, wake up and realize what a rippling affect this has on our society. There are many divorced parents out there who keep open communication lines between one another and are willing to make decisions together for the good of their children.

I do not think it is too much to ask of the Democrats and the Republicans to do the same.

Both parties claim to love us so much – let’s see it in action. Let’s show our young people that they deserve to live with the hope and optimism that we were given.

Connie Biemiller, LCSW

State House Candidate District 66

South Fulton and Fayette Community

[Biemiller is a candidate in the Democratic primary for the seat now held by Rep. Virgil Fludd (D-Tyrone).]

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