Results from Reality's third annual indoor rock climbing competition

Fri, 01/04/2008 - 9:33am
By: Michael Boylan

Each December, Reality Climbing in Tyrone hosts a ‘Friendly Competition’ for members and friends. This year on Dec. 8, local climbers enjoyed a day of top roping, bouldering and speed climbing followed by a pizza party and prizes awarded for the top six finishers at Reality Climbing’s third annual event. Some 30 climbers competed in top rope and bouldering categories divided by age group and gender and a male / female ‘winner takes all’ speed climbing event.

This year’s competition featured the grand opening of the first phase of a very large expansion project for Reality Climbing. The Kave, an eight foot high room featuring 1,000 square feet of climbing on the walls and ceiling, hosted six of the competitions thirty eight routes / boulder problems and was a huge hit with the climbers.

MasAnne Fulmer, a climber from the Reality Climbing Team program, summed it up best for all when asked what she thought about the new Kave, “It’s cool!” Owner, Nicole Colvin, added “It is definitely an exciting addition to our ever-growing facility.”

Four hours of redpoint (three tries per route) top rope climbing and bouldering was followed by a half-hour of speed climbing. Points were totaled and a tie in the Male 26+ age group between Kevin McInturff and Kevin Montondo was discovered. Having just competed in the speed climbing event, they were both a bit winded but good sports none the less and headed into the isolation room to await their turn in the spotlight. Brought out one at a time in a ‘highest hold wins’ finals climb off in front of the crowd of 50+ people, both climbers gave it their all in one final bid for first place. In a very exciting finish, Kevin McInturff slapped the red hold and Kevin Montondo held the same red hold and moved one hold higher before misplacing his foot and taking first by only two points.

The full results are as follows:
Female 5-9
1 - Victoria White
2 - Betsy McInturff
3 - Madison Altman
4 - Olivia Montondo
5 - Rachel Black
6 - Emelie Laughner

Male 5-9
1 - Billy Porter
2 - Ryan Lowther
3 - Will Sport
4 - Alex Vliegen

Female 10-14
1 - Hannah Montondo
2 - Julia Roberts
3 - Sammy Heine
4 - Marissa Owen
5 - Sarah Black
6 - MasAnne Fulmer

Male 10-14
1 - Ben Watson
2 - Andrew Nagy
3 - Alex Amalfitano
4 - Ben Mechelke
5 - Tedd Pfeifer

Male 15-18
1 - Tyler Jones
2 - Tres Taylor
3 - Santiago Gallo
4 - C.J. Jennings
5 - Kevin Kelly

Combined 19-25
1- Scott Brown
2 - Grace Robertson

Female 26 +
1 - Jane Lu

Male 26 +
1 - Kevin Montondo
2 - Kevin McInturff

Female Speed Climbing Winner
1- Jane Lu

Male Speed Climbing Winner
1- Ben Watson

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