Pakistan's budget and help to us

Now, please don't some of you mix Pakistan up with Iraq, as you do Afghanistan and Iraq!

We have given Pakistan about 8 billion dollars in mostly military aid recently, although the administration didn't call it all military aid when they submitted it for a vote.

They said some was to fight drugs, some for being called a "coalition member," etc., but mostly for military aid.

Now---Pakistan was just been sold (18) F-16 fighter planes for 6 Billion dollars by Lockheed, with administration approval.

It should be obvious that we are supporting Lockheed! In a round-about way.

If anyone can show me anything else that Pakistan has done for us for that money, I would like to know what! If the Paks can keep two of the 18 in the air without spare parts and pilots, around the clock, it will amaze me. What help will they be to us?

How many more of these stupid countries is Bush going to be conned by?

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