Assault on wife ends in arrest

Mon, 12/31/2007 - 9:40am
By: The Citizen

A Tyrone man was arrested Christmas Eve on charges of aggravated assault after attacking his wife with a knife.

John L. Hill, Jr., 44, admitted to police that he had struck his wife with a steak knife, causing a laceration, approximately one-inch in length and one-inch deep along her jaw, according to Public Information Officer Alicia Batts.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. when officers were called to the residence by Hill’s wife, who had locked herself and her daughter in a bathroom, reports said. Upon their arrival, officers were let into the house by Ms. Hill while her husband was outside. Officers noted that the woman was holding a towel to her face and that the area around her right eye was swollen, Batts said. Officers also noted the laceration to her face, reports said.

The incident began when Hill entered a room where his wife and daughter were sitting. He began yelling about his car keys being missing, Ms. Hill told officers. The two went outside and, at one point, Ms. Hill said she told him to get away from her car. An argument ensued and Hill reportedly swung at her, Batts said.

The couple re-entered the home where Ms. Hill told her husband he might need to be hospitalized, according to reports. Hill became angry and swung at her while holding the knife, causing the laceration, said Batts. It was at that point that Ms. Hill left the room and locked herself and their daughter in the bathroom and called police, reports said.

Police arrested Hill after determining the circumstances of the incident, noting Hill’s statement that his wife was “playing her games.”

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