Special election winner Ramsey says thanks for vote in House District 72

Wed, 12/26/2007 - 1:05pm
By: Letters to the ...

Last week the people of Fayette County elected me to represent them in the Georgia General Assembly. This is without question the greatest honor of my professional life, and my profound gratitude to the many people who supported me is surpassed only by the overwhelming sense of responsibility I now feel towards all of the people of our community. I never could have imagined that I would be blessed with such a great privilege.

I worked hard during the campaign to communicate to the voters my firm commitment to conservative principles. I plan to work even harder now that the time for talk is over, and the people’s work is at hand.

The people of Fayette County can be assured that I do not take the responsibility they have given me lightly. I view an election as a contract of sorts, one that must be renewed on a regular basis.

The terms that were agreed to on Dec. 18 are, in my mind, as follows: Our community has made me their advocate in Atlanta. They will allow me to speak and to vote in the state House of Representatives on their behalf.

I, in turn, will use my best judgment to do what is right for our community and our state. My position will be one of service — I now work for 32,000 proud, decent people.

Their expectations are high. Their demands are clear. They require strong, responsive leadership that sets an example of integrity. They insist that their state government perform better than it has. They will not stand for Fayette County to be anything less than it already is: the greatest place in Georgia.

The terms of our democracy are such that if I fail in my charge, the people will choose someone else to take my place. But I will not fail.

In the coming months, as the legislature debates the issues important to Fayette County, I will depend on the advice, prayers, and continuing goodwill of the people of this community.

We are all in this together. We all drive the same streets, we send our kids to the same schools. We all have the same goal: a better place for our children, the kind of place where they will want to raise their children.

My goal is to be a representative you can be proud of. You have given me your trust. I will give you nothing less than my very best.

Matt Ramsey

Peachtree City, Ga.

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