Kevin Madden (D): Against TDK Boulevard Extension, for district voting

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 5:28pm
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While the Democratic candidate, Kevin Madden, was traveling to Poland to create business for his PTC air cargo company and contribute to the Fayette County economy and tax base, the three Republican aspirants to the Georgia state House 72 seat were having their letters printed in your paper.

Since all three were printed at the same time, I can only assume they were invited to do so. No such request was made to Kevin Madden and furthermore, you did not print his full answers to the questions posed for all the candidates by your reporter, Mr. Munford, last week.

It is in the spirit of public debate, fair play and education of the public that I ask you to print Kevin Madden’s responses in their entirety in the Wednesday, Dec. 12, edition of The Citizen. The questions and responses follow my signature.

Rick Williams

Campaign Manager for Kevin Madden, 72nd Georgia State House

Fayetteville, Ga


1. Do you support or oppose Speaker Richardson’s plan to eliminate property taxes? Why?

It sounds fantastic to get rid of property taxes. However, we need schools and professional educators, we need police, we need paramedics and firemen; we need roads, bridges and reservoirs. All of which require revenue (taxes). In order to replace the operating revenue that keeps our streets paved, our libraries open and water flowing from our faucets, sales and consumption taxes would have to increase dramatically – although Speaker Richardson has not disclosed – if, in fact he knows – how high those taxes will go. The citizens of Fayette County and our local governments are far more informed about the needs of our county than Speaker Richardson and the other legislators under the Gold Dome. As your elected representative, I will oppose any ill-defined, poorly thought-out plan that would negatively impact Fayette County.

2. Do you support a proposal to change the election of Fayette County’s Board of Commissioners from at-large to district voting?

I support the district voting proposal. The people should be represented by those who know their community best and will vote to support their community’s needs. Our Founding Fathers understood that this is the essence of democracy. The very fact that the representation for House District 72 is elected only by the residents of that district makes district voting a matter of common sense. It gives citizens confidence that their representatives will be responsive to their concerns and it focuses representatives on whom it is that they are obligated to serve. Otherwise, we might as well let Alabama and Florida decide what to do with Georgia’s water.

3. Do you support construction of TDK Boulevard?

The extension of TDK Boulevard does nothing to enhance the quality of life in Fayette County. To the contrary, it will further crowd our roads, especially the Georgia 74/I-85 corridor. The extension and expansion of TDK Boulevard allows developers to dump Coweta’s poor development strategy on Fayette County. It is a thinly-veiled attempt to alleviate highway access for the new 3,500-home development in Coweta County. Furthermore, I am concerned with the environmental impact of this huge road project over and around Line Creek which is part of the Flint River system, particularly in our current drought condition.

4. What is your governmental experience and how will you put it to good use representing Fayette County in the legislature?

I am committed to service to my community and, in that regard, I am president-elect of the local Kiwanis Club. As former president of the homeowners’ association I dealt extensively with county government. As the chairman and former president of the Atlanta Air Cargo Association, I have been involved with various government agencies on a regular basis.
It is my purpose to put the public back into public service. We need fewer professional politicians, whose main motive is reelection and promoting legislation that’s in the best interests of their lobbyist friends rather than their own constituents. The needs of the people of district 72 — the needs of our families — are not partisan issues. As a Democrat, I will work to build consensus and represent all of our community’s needs.

5. How much has your campaign raised to date and who are your donors contributing $101 or more as if this date? (While The Citizen realizes there is a procedure for reporting campaign contributions, it is not clear whether that deadline will be in advance enough to print before early voting takes place).

I have raised over $5,000 from my family and friends, the specifics of which will be reported on the Georgia Ethics Commission’s website, as prescribed by law, on Dec. 3. My contributors know that I am not beholden to an agenda that isn’t in the best interests of the people of District 72. I have not received any money from contractors, developers or politicians with undisclosed agendas. My supporters know that they can trust me to protect their children’s education, to promote affordable healthcare (like Peach Care), and to protect their way of life in Fayette County.

Democratically yours,

Kevin Madden

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