Fayette Democratic Chair Moore sees Madden as candidate of integrity

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 5:25pm
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I remember to this day the first time I heard Kevin Madden make a speech. I was a relatively new member of the Democratic Party and Kevin was running for chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Committee. His words still resonate in my memory. He said, “Government still has a role to play in people’s lives.”

At the time, I thought that was odd. Didn’t everyone think that way? I was so wrong. I have been shocked to learn that the other party is not just the “pro-business” party, it is the anti-government party.

Don’t believe me? Read the words of their prophet, Milton Friedman. The “bible” of the neocons now running the other party is Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom.”

If you think Marx is scary, you should read this guy. He would abolish all social spending, including Social Security, public education, and all licensing and regulation. That would also include public infrastructure like water systems, highways, and public parks.

Yes, he would not want your doctors licensed; let the free market discover who’s a quack. Don’t worry; when enough people die in a doc’s care, the market will run him or her out of business. That’s the philosophy of an unfettered market.

Are you worried about lead-contaminated toys being imported? Friedman would say the market will take care of that ... when enough kids are damaged or dead. Nothing must get in the way of free trade between nations.

Oh, he likes collectivism, as long as the collective is a global corporation with no strings attached. Don’t you think this is a bit radical?

Of course, not all candidates who put an “R” after their name go that far. Or do they? How can you be sure? You can’t.

If you vote for the only Democratic candidate running, you’ll know what you’re getting. Kevin Madden not only believes in free enterprise, he practices it as an entrepreneur and small business owner. But as he said many years ago, “Government still has a role to play in people’s lives.”

Kevin Madden holds a balanced view of the role of government in a democracy. He understands that democracy works best when government reflects the will of the people, not the will of its largest corporate donors.

You can read his published positions on specific local issues in this paper and on his website at www.electkevinmadden.com.

Democratically yours,

Judith Moore, Chair,

Fayette County Democratic Committee


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