Fellow Democratic House candidate: Integrity, not party, makes difference

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 5:24pm
By: Letters to the ...

Is it possible that we could look beyond party affiliation and truly elect someone who will not play both sides of the fence? One who will take a stand even when it is not popular to do so?

Kevin Madden won me over when at a meeting I attended he was being encouraged to run as a Republican because that would better his chances to win the district House seat.

When Kevin said “No” to that idea, because he had run as a Democrat in the past and did not want to play a game with the community he would be representing, I knew this man would do the same behind the Capitol doors (he would strive to do the right thing) so I signed up to help him win the seat.

As many of you know, I have been working with elected officials for quite sometime now to encourage them to do the right thing for our community. I could care less what party they are affiliated with – if it were truly up to me – I would say we should all be independents but that is a whole other Georgia story within itself.

So the best we can do is run the race within the two-party system we are given. There are so many wonderful people in Fayette County, we deserve to be represented by one with integrity – Kevin Madden.

Connie Biemiller

Georgia House Candidate District 66

Fayette County, Ga.

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