Political progress has been made in PTC race

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 5:21pm
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Congratulations to Mike King and Doug Sturbaum for engaging in the cleanest political race I have ever witnessed. It also proves that one does not have to have the most or largest campaign signs or the largest campaign war chest to win an election. They each addressed the issues without demonizing the opponent and each candidate seemed content to let the votes fall where they may.

On the upcoming race for the legislative seat formerly occupied by Dan Lakly, it is hoped that we can again have a clean race.

Let me be perfectly clear that the purpose of this letter is not to portray or even imply that there is anything out of order on the part of any of the candidates.

Matt Ramsey is a fine individual, both personally and professionally (although he would not return my phone call). However, he has chosen a political path and, therefore, surely expects some public scrutiny, as do all of the candidates.

Steve Brown has listed the issues and his proposed solutions are clearly addressed. Matt Ramsey identifies the issues, but has not provided his proposed solutions.

We all want a candidate to commit to a solution to an issue. To test the commitment of the candidates, come out to the candidate forum in City Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. and ask your candidate of choice this question: “Will you commit to stopping the TDK Extension every time it comes up for a vote?” or any other question requiring a direct committal answer.

Commitment seems to be hard for political office seekers today.

Steve Brown has no campaign budget (and will not accept ANY contributions of any sort). Matt Ramsey had thousands of dollars in a campaign fund immediately after the seat came available (see below for the source of some of these dollars).

As for the Free Speech note last week regarding “twenty percent of ex-Mayor Brown’s contributions,” this contribution was made in the last mayoral campaign two years ago with several stipulations on the donor by then-candidate Brown. It had nothing to do with the current legislative seat race.

Steve Brown has made it clear that he will have no obligations to anyone but the constituency that he represents.

You see, if someone gives you a contribution of any sort, of any value, including meals, gifts, trips, etc., you will feel an obligation to that contributor, consciously or subconsciously.

By the way, you can check the source, date and amount of campaign contributions for all candidates at this website: www.ethics.ga.gov/Reports/Campaign/Campaign_ByName.aspx.

You will recognize some familiar names of contributors to the Ramsey campaign: Group VI, Bob Lenox, Parrott Home Builder, a commercial real estate agent, etc. This does not imply that there is anything wrong with these contributions; just relaying some interesting information.

Now for the real disconcerting news: Matt Ramsey is endorsed by six former mayors, some of whom have direct financial ties to the developers (some have sold or are selling property to a developer).

This endorsement by itself would take my vote away from Mr. Ramsey. We do not need another politician from our district; we need a servant of and a representative of all of the people. We have had enough political pandering, broken promises and misstatement of facts from previous mayors and council members.

(And, by the way, listening to the concerns of the people whom you are supposed to represent includes letting them express their opinion in a reasonable time frame at City Council meetings.)

I feel that Steve Brown has the background, the common sense and the servant’s heart to represent Fayette County and, particularly Peachtree City, in our state legislature.

He spends many hours researching policies, laws and precedents that will serve our city the best. Steve is not afraid to take a stand on controversial issues, a trait that has brought him much criticism in the past.

His refusal to be a “political puppet” has angered previous local administrations to the point that their editorial letter last week seemed to imply that his convictions diminish “his ability to forge compromise” (read “do what DirecPAC says”).

Compromise is rapidly turning PTC into a “concrete jungle.”

Even more disconcerting news: It is obvious from the turnout (14 percent and 6 percent) at the last two local voting opportunities that most residents are discouraged by the results of the voting process. These results can be turned around to a positive for us if “we the people” will make the effort to vote.

You can rest assured that the PAC groups, their political cronies and the developers will be out in force to make this vote count for them.

If you are interested in your town’s well-being, please vote somewhere, sometime in the next few days. Early voting is available Dec. 10-14 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the Peachtree City Library downstairs.

Ron Black


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